Re: FMS Approach?

Date:         30 Apr 97 03:19:09 
From:         "Mark E. Ingram" <>
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On 23 Apr 1997, Larry Nebron wrote:

> What is an FMS Approach?  For SFO it is not published in the Jep or NOS.

Larry, I'm not sure that any *approaches* are designated specifically as
FMS (Flight Management System), even though both precision (ILS) and non-
precision approaches might be *flown* using FMS (but I could certainly be
wrong about this).

However, there definitely *are* designated FMS arrivals and departures,
whose use *require* FMS - and often special crew certification as well.
For an example of the former, see the Transport Canada white paper at:


Mark E. Ingram

MarkT@Mo-Net.Com (also