Re: 777 short take-off?

Date:         30 Apr 97 03:19:08 
From:         M Carling <>
Organization: Merrill Lynch
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Paul F. Kunz wrote:
>    I recently took a UA 777-200 IGW flight from SFO to LHR.  Unlike
> other overseas flights on variety of a/c from SFO, we used a shorter
> runway (one pointing towards Oakland).  Does the 777 have a short
> take-off capablity compared to other long range a/c?

I took off from SFO on Sunday in a 767-300 to JFK from runway 1R
(presumably the runway indicated above). At the time, UA930 (a
777-200IGW bound for LHR) was waiting to depart on runway 28R, which
seems to be the usual runway for 777-200IGW flights to London.

M Carling