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Date:         30 Apr 97 03:19:07 
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> 3) A 777-400X could not be assembled in the factory in which Boeing
> currently assembles 777s. This factory has a capacity of seven per
> month. At present, the factory is booked to capacity for the next 18
> months or so ...

The report I saw said all delivery positions were commited thru the
turn of the century -- over 32 months at this point.

I've wondered if this might give Airbus a nice opportunity, much as
they gave Boeing one a few years ago.  Early in the A320 program,
Airbus lost some sales to Boeing because Airbus only had scattered
A320 delivery positions available for several years out.  Sales to
large carriers would require fairly rapid delivery of a large number
of planes, and since Airbus couldn't do that, they couldn't even bid
on some orders that ended up going to Boeing (or McDonnell Douglas).

Now the tables are turned.  Prior to their signing their exclusive
deal with Boeing, Delta had expressed some interest in the A330/A340
over the 777 simply because they couldn't get decent 777 delivery
positions.  Presumably one of the escape clauses in the "exclusive"
deal is that if Boeing can't deliver, Delta can still shop elsewhere,
and the lack of 777 positions could still do just this.

>4) Such a 777-400X would have greater seating capacity than the 747-400.
>I'm not sure which would have greater cargo capacity.

Here are some figures from AW&ST's most recent Aerospace Source Book
and from United's System Timetable from about a year ago (the most
recent one being missing some major chunks):

	       lbs.(AW)  lbs.(UA)  cu.ft.(UA)
               --------  --------  ----------
    747-400     49,300   116,800     5,634
    777-200     56,500   120,306     5,720
    777-200IGW  56,500
    777-300     61,500

I've no explanation for the large disparity between AvLeak's figures
and United's.  That even the 777-200 beats the 747-400 by either
metric, never mind both, is quite a surprise.

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