747-400 Displays

Date:         23 Apr 97 02:58:17 
From:         "john r." <john@guava.demon.co.uk>
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In article <airliners.1997.984@ohare.Chicago.COM>, "C. Marin Faure"
>The 747 has had a straight staircase for many years now, well before the
>advent of the -400.  The -400 features a 2-man cockpit, and utilizes LCD
>flat-panel displays.

The 747-400 has CRT displays. They are strange tubes wich use both
raster and stroke, giving a very good presentation but are not the most
reliable bits of the plane.
They often overheat and go mono, which takes less power, or blank for no
apparent reason, usualy on power changes when on the ground. Either
fault is often cleared by powering down for 30 seconds but we used to
change a lot of them. In the last 3 years they have become more
I took the cover off a dead one once to have a peek inside, it was full
of fine dust and made rather a mess of the flight deck.

The 777 LCD displays are adequate but not as sharp as the CRT's on the
747-400, however they are much more reliable and I have yet to change

>The 747-400 and 777 flight decks are quite similar;
>however, the 777 has a more advanced fault-reporting and
>built-in-test-equipment (BITE) system.
Its very good and even recomends rectification action and reset
procedures (I work on the assumption that all messages are false unless
proved otherwise).
If they close the loop and it carry out its own tasks I quess many of us
will be out of a job !

Keep them flying,
john r.