Re: Mid-air collision over Charki Dadri

Date:         23 Apr 97 02:58:15 
From: (Michael Baldamus)
Organization: Technical University of Berlin, Germany
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Marc SCHAEFFER ( wrote:
: Are there already any conclusions of the 12-Nov-96 Mid-air collision
: between the Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747-168B and the Air Kazakstan
: Ilyushin 76TD over Charki Dadri(India) ?

I would like to follow up on this question. Is it true that
the Saudi crew was responsible for the crash? I have heard
this rumor from a, well, Russian friend. He also made an
interesting remark about the pilots of the Ilyushin 76TD:
As it was a transport aircraft, he said, the pilots
were probably former members of the Soviet air force and should
have been very experienced indeed. The reason he gave was the
frequent approaches on Kabul during the Afghan war which took
place under the threat of Stinger rockets fired by Mudjahedin.

Rumors, of course, and war time approaches may be different
altogether from finding one's way through a crowded civilian
airspace, but then again I hope somebody will now feel provoked
to give an informative answer to the initial question: What was
the reason for the Charki Dadri mid-air collision?

Michael Baldamus
computer science department
Berlin University of Technology