Re: AN 124s to land at Windsor, ONT 4/22-23

Date:         23 Apr 97 02:58:14 
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>Humorous note: after mentioning the AN 124 is "the world's largest
>aircraft," the press release goes on to say ...

That seems to be a somewhat common -- and erroneous -- comment by the
press.  By nearly any metric except tail height, the An-124 is easily
bested by its bigger, six-engined sibling, the An-225.  But by several
other metrics of "largest" the 747-400 also beats it (MGTOW, length)
as does the C-5B Galaxy (length).

The following figures are from last year's AW&ST Aerospace Source Book
except for the MGTOW of the 747-400F (which was clearly erroneous in
the AW&ST reference and was instead taken from Boeing's web page) and
the weight figures for the An-124 (taken from the article in Airways'
Sep/Oct 1996 issue).  Weights are in pounds, the other dimensions are
in feet.

Type        MGTOW  Wing Span  Length  Height  Max Payload
----        -----  ---------  ------  ------  -----------
An-225   1,320,000   285       253     59.3     550,000
An-124     864,200   232       223     69.1     330,700*
C-5B       837,000   222.8     247.8   65.1     261,000
747-400F   875,000   211.4     231.8   63.7     257,660

* Certificated payload; restricted to 264,560 lbs in normal operations
  due to impact of higher payload weight on both range and life of the

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