Re: DC-9 hole

Date:         23 Apr 97 02:58:14 
Organization: Netcom
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McElravy wrote:
> On the last discussion of "stupid DC-9 tricks" (we were picking on Air
> Canada I believe) someone asked what the hole in the base of the fin was
> for. The question was never answered and I forgot on it until I had
> occasion to fly on a few (NW) over Easter. As I was sitting in the gate
> area I noticed the hole and remembered the discussion.

I'm assuming you're referring to the intake hole at the base of the
vertical stab? That would be the intake for the heat exchangers to the
air cycle machines(air conditioning packs). Also delivers air to the
left heat exchanger gnd.cooling fan if on the ground.
	The probe half way up the vertical is for the rudder throw
limiter(based on airspeed)and the flt. data recorder.
	The inlet for the apu is on the lower surface of the A/c forward
of the tail skid(a.k.a. Aux.gear)