Re: DC-9 hole

Date:         23 Apr 97 02:58:13 
From:         "elysium" <>
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McElravy <> wrote in article
> On the last discussion of "stupid DC-9 tricks" (we were picking on Air
> Canada I believe) someone asked what the hole in the base of the fin was
> for. The question was never answered and I forgot on it until I had
> occasion to fly on a few (NW) over Easter. As I was sitting in the gate
> area I noticed the hole and remembered the discussion.

	If you'll excuse the expression it is colloquially known as the "Cows
Arse" --- and is a ram air and/or static intake for cooling air to the air
conditioning pack heat exchangers. It is also the main supply of cabin
ventilation air should the engine and auxillary air supplies be isolated
for smoke contamination or the like.

	Personally, I find it aesthetically pleasing when compared to Boeing or
Airbus square gills that are usually hidden anyway under the belly. It is
de-iced by 8th stage engine compressor air which exhausts over the vertical

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