Re: A340-500X/600X and B777-200X/300X [long]

Date:         23 Apr 97 02:58:13 
From: (Roger Chung-Wee)
Organization: Frontier Internet Services
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On 18 Apr 1997 14:04:05 -0400, (Eric) wrote:

>This begs to ask, however, what will happen to SIA's current flights to
>JFK via Amsterdam and Frankfurt which are, I'm told, quite
>profitable. Moreover, a recent in-house study said most passengers would
>rather take a one-stop flight than a non-stop one if the non-stop flight
>would be over 15 hours. Could we therefore see non-stop flights on some
>days and one-stop flights on others, via Europe, or a longer term solution
>which would offer two flights a day (not necessarily every day), both
>operated with a B777 or A340 instead of the current B747-400 to New York ?

When you say non-stop, I presume you mean trans-Pacific flights from,
say, the west coast of America to Singapore as I'm sure that the
777-200X will not be able to fly non-stop from the east coast unless,
perhaps, SIA can get a direct, polar route and GPS navigation.  And
won't flying westwards to America still require a stop en-route?
Indeed, SIA is keen to extend its SIN-LHR service to JFK.

It seems to me that one of the choices for passengers will one day be
between flying trans-Pacific from the west cost one-stop (if they
can't stand a very long non-stop flight) or non-stop in a