Re: delta LA-Hong Kong flight

From:         Tony Maddern <>
Organization: University of New South Wales
Date:         22 Jun 96 18:30:38 
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Bong wrote:
> What happend to delta's la-hong kong flight? Did dl abandoned it because
> of the range problem with their md-11's? Also, I once read an article in
> AW&T that Dl will make a stop in taiwan for refuel. Is is the distance of
> la-taiwan and la-hong kong simmilar?

The LA-HKG route goes overhead Taipei which is an hour before HKG.
Unforecast headwinds or ATC restrictions on altitude can cause extra
fuel to be burnt off so it is not unusual for LA-HKG traffic to make a
technical stop in Taipei for fuel ( I have done it myself). Winter is
the worst time because the jet-stream lies across the airway.
Rgds, Tony Maddern