Re: delta LA-Hong Kong flight

From: (H Andrew Chuang)
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Date:         22 Jun 96 18:30:38 
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In article <airliners.1996.951@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Bong  <> wrote:
>What happend to delta's la-hong kong flight?

They dropped it in December of last year, along with Taipei and Bangkok.

>Did dl abandoned it because
>of the range problem with their md-11's? Also, I once read an article in
>AW&T that Dl will make a stop in taiwan for refuel.

I believe poor yield (i.e., not making money) on the route was the most
important reason.  A Singapore Airlines pilot told me that some of their
SFO-HKG B747-400 flights had to make an unschedule stop in Taiwan.  So,
I don't think DL's unscheduled refueling stop on their LAX-HKG runs was
not "unique."

>Is is the distance of
>la-taiwan and la-hong kong simmilar?

You have to fly through Taiwan to go to HKG; it's about 500 miles shorter
to Taipei than to HKG.