Re: 737-200 water bomber!

From: (Jim Cameron)
Organization: NWT air
Date:         22 Jun 96 18:30:37 
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  or MIME structure (Paul Siller) wrote:

>Don Stokes <> wrote:

>> writes:
>>>	While the idea of a 737 waterbomber might sound outrageous at
>>>first, it is really inevitable.  There is a strong push to reduce the
>>>time it takes to get from base to a fire, while carrying a large
>>>retardant load, so over the years, ever faster and bigger aircraft have
>>>been used.  Using a 737 is a natural extension of this evolution.  I am
>>>working on this project and find it to be quite sensible.

Fuel consumption while low and slow will be horrendous on a 737.
Spool up time is also a factor for geting out of those tight canyons.
The succesfull bidder of the contract for our part of the country uses
DC-4's and Canso's..

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