Winglets - Russian Style

From: (Richard A. Muirden)
Organization: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.
Date:         22 Jan 96 04:40:42 
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hi all,

Recently there has been discussion of winglets and their use on aircraft.
I was just thinking this morning what about the new Russian aircraft -
the Tupolev TU-204 and Illyushin IL-96 - which both have winglets - but
these winglets are large/tall - I think on the Tu-204 they extend aobe
the fuselage (is this correct? I don't have a hady photo to check). Anyway
as people have commented the weight issue with winglets is considerable,
and yet they use large winglets. Is this maybe a copy-cat routine, or
could it be that their wingspans are shorter (it seems that way from
some photos) and thus the larger winglets actually do help, and the
wright is so much of an issue.

Does anyone have any information on this? I'm interested.


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