Re: 737-200 water bomber!

From: (Lou Salz)
Organization: Hewlett Packard Sonoma County
Date:         22 Jun 96 18:30:36 
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: John Liebson wrote:
: Another factor regarding props vs jets:  on many fan engines, the thrust
: response to the throttle is so slow that you have to make an appointment
: to get more power.

This spool up delay on jets has been mentioned before in other
discussions and I'd like a little clarification.  Is the time delay
caused by the turbine engine or is the prop itself the reason for the
fast response?  If it's the engine that causes the delay, wouldn't turbo
props have the same problem?  Turbo prop planes such as the C130 are
often used as air tankers here in northern California by the California
Department of Forestry.

Like some other readers, I'm having a little trouble picturing a 737 as
an air tanker.  I guess it might make more sense in a place like British
Columbia where population densities are lower.  Maybe here in
California, the population density is high enough and airports numerous
enough to base aircraft at locations where response time is more a
function of taxi and takeoff time than in route flying time.

Lou Salz