Re: 737-200 water bomber!

From:         Jim Messina <>
Organization: NeoSoft, Inc.
Date:         22 Jun 96 18:30:36 
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On 15 Jun 1996, Tom Speer wrote:

> Another factor regarding props vs jets:  on many fan engines, the thrust
> response to the throttle is so slow that you have to make an appointment
> to get more power.  The immediate response of a prop is a definite asset
> for flying in rough terrain.

This is what was always said about pure turbjet engines(blowtorch, no
bypass air).

High-bypass fans (80% prop air/20% blowtorch) are a tad sluggish coming
off idle, but you aren't there that much in high-lift/high-drag landing
configurations. You are, as they say, spooled up: there, the engines
respond nearly as well as any propeller airplane. Off of idle, perhaps 5
seconds of anticipation to get to a rapid response range circa 40% N1 on a
CFM56 on a B-737-300.

Multi-bladed, fixed-pitch, ducted-prop turbine. Qualitatively, high-bypass
fan engines feel little different than a PW PT-6 turboprop as one might
find on a King Air.

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