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Date:         15 Jun 96 18:26:10 
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>>Our (Boeing) AOG teams have made remarkable repairs to airplanes in
>>the field.  Some of these projects, like the Air France 747 that slid
>>off a runway in India

>    Actually, the Air France 747 you speak of (a -400, F-GITA) ran off
>the end of the runway at PPT (Tahiti) on 9-12-93.

I suspect he knows of what he speaks (er, writes).  It was a pretty
impressive story, involving an Air France 747-200F during the 1980s
or perhaps late 1970s.  It took *months* to fix the sucker, partly
because they had to replace the entire lower fuselage and partly due
to the heat -- the tented the whole thing, but even at that could
only work at night.  Under other circumstances it would have been a
complete loss, but at that time demand for 747 freighters was quite
high and replacing the aircraft was virtually impossible.

I believe this is distinct from a June 12, 1975 accident at Bombay
involving a Air France 747-128 F-BPVJ, which according to the info
I have was the victim of a fire.  (If anyone can offer more info on
either of these accidents I'd love to see it!)

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