Re: 737-200 water bomber!

From: (John van Veen)
Organization: The Inland Northwest Community Access Network
Date:         15 Jun 96 13:43:30 
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>However, this airport is really the exception: During the Hondo Fire,
>the Taos, NM, airport was used, and it is quite small and unsuited for
>most jet airplanes.
>We do use quite a few helicopters here, too: Both the Dome and Hondo
>fires saw even Skycranes in use.

In our neck of the woods the PBY is the most often used water bomber.
They are used on some relatively small fires at times.

C-130's were rotated out of GEG a summer or two ago.  They were being
used on fires approximately 1 hour flying time away.  GEG is Spokane
WA by the way.  The runways are longer than a C-130 would need.

So a B-737 would be able to get a fire some distance away relatively
fast, but once there it would need a fast guide plane and a very fast
chemical delivery system.  It is hard to imagine a 737 operating at
the low speeds now used to deliver water/borate to fires.

Just a feww thoughts...