Delta/American fleet composition

From:         Steve Lacker <>
Organization: applied research laboratories
Date:         15 Jun 96 13:43:30 
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I've been doing a lot of flying this spring (for me, anyway- 15 round trips is
a good bit) mostly on Delta. I'm curious about Delta's fleet composition and
planning for the future. A few years back, I presumed that since they had
purchased some MD-11's, they would begin phasing out L-1011's, but that
certainly doesn't seem to have happened (a good thing IMHO). In fact, I only
encountered about 3 Delta MD-11's on the ground at the various airports I've
hit recently (DFW, Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood, Cincinnati, Logan,
National and a few others). Also, Delta is now acquiring MD-90's and I've flown
them several times. I would guess that these planes will displace 727's over
the next few years (a sad day- the 727 is my personal favorite of all
airliners), and yet Delta seems to be using them on routes that formerly had
MD-80's, and *not* on former 727 routes.

What is Delta's actual fleet strategy for the next few years? Are they still
buying 757's or not? What will they replace the L-1011's with, if not the
MD-11? What about the Delta Shuttle 727's- are these still the ex-Trump planes,
or did Delta mix them with their own fleet of 727's. What will become the
aircraft of choice for the shuttle once the stage-2 727's are verboten? MD-80s?
737s (I don't think Delta owns enough post-200 series 737's to do this)? Any
rumors of Delta planning to hushkit the shuttle 727's or other 727s?

I also have similar curiosities about American's fleet plans, given the
apparent unhappiness with their MD-11's and the fact that silver MD-90's are
conspicuously absent at DFW. Will American begin to replace their sizeable and
mostly early-production MD80 fleet with MD90s, or something else? If so, what?
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