Re: UAL 747?

Date:         15 Jun 96 13:43:29 
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Karl said:
>  Lots of other planes have become notorious
>for one reason or another, but the only other one that resulted in a
>registration change that I'm aware of was a TWA 707.  I don't recall
>exactly the story behind that one, but it was changed twice, because
>the pilots found out about the first change.
>It does sound like PR, but it's pretty unusual just the same.

There was another one in the 50s which I know of.  A Britannia (100
series, I think) of BOAC was registered initially as G-ANBG but had its
registration changed because of the number of jokes.

'NBG' was a common English colloquialism for 'no bloody good'.  With the
problems they were having with the Proteus at the time it was probably a bit
too near the truth.  At this distance, I don't recall what it was changed to.

Graeme Cant.