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Date:         15 Jun 96 13:43:29 
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Larry Stone wrote:
>>It is scheduled for retirement by UA this September but as far as I can tell,
>>that it will be one of the earliest of the the 747-1xx retirements is just
>>because of when its overhaul (D-Check) is due, not its history.

Pete Hughes replied:
>to state that this is "one of the earliest retirements" is misleading.

He means it's one of the earliest retirements of UA's 747-100 fleet.
UA had 18, sold five to Pan Am in the early 1980s, then bought five
ex-AA 747-123s in the later 1980s.  That fleet of 18 flew intact until
last year, when the first was retired.  N4724U will be amongst the
next several to go, while at least one of the even older 747-123s will
be almost the last of the 18 to be retired.

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