Re: 767 Landing gear

From:         Paul Kearney <>
Organization: Ireland On-Line
Date:         15 Jun 96 13:43:28 
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On 10 Jun 1996, David Summergreene wrote:

> Does anybody know why the B767 has the only foward slung main gear in
> the boeing fleet, I was inetrested to see that the B777 did not follow
> this trend. Anyone know why

Alledgedly ....
  The landing gear on the 767 must be a given length in order to
  keep the engines off the ground. If not there may be a slight
  techincal delay each time its lands somewhere !
  This means that they have to be a certain distance apart at the
  wing-roots/wings in order to fit in when retracted.....

  This distance was too wide for
  1. the wings themselves
  2. the taxiways at certain airports where the 767 was expected
     to call its home with certain airlines.

     Result:  shorten the distance between the  mount point in the wings
              to enable it to sit on a taxiway.

      By product:  landing gear would then not "fit" when retracted
                   if they were mounted straight.

          Cure:  swing them slightly forward when retracting them.

Regards to all