DC-10 crash in Fukuoka Japan

From:         onat@turbine.kuee.kyoto-u.ac.jp (Onat Ahmet)
Organization: Dept. of Electr., Kyoto Univ., Japan
Date:         15 Jun 96 13:43:28 
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A DC-10 crashed at take off in Fukuoka Japan, yesterday
at around 1200 JST. It belonged to Garuda Indonesia.

It is reported that just prior to take off, everything
seemed to be normal. eyewitneses say that the airplane
accelerated and took off normally, but after gaining about
4-5 _meters_ of altitude, fire was seen in the No3 engine.

The airplane then fell (stalled?) onto the end of the runway,
overran it, dragged over the fields ahead, crossed a fence
and  a road, and came to a stop about 400 meters from the
end of the runway, shedding No1 engine, undercarriage and
other parts on the way.

Fire broke out around the fuselage; near the wings.
The middle fuselage was burned completely. The fuel
in the tanks did not catch fire.

There were 3 casualties, and 108 people wounded, out of more than
200 passengers.

The flight data recorder was recovered without problems.

Things to note about the wreckage are:

* The flaps were at full deflection; as in landing configuration.

* There is a big hole at the right side of the No2 engine.
  (which is otherwise intact)

* The thrust reverser in No2 engine is deployed.

* Rudder seems to be deflected all the way to the left.

The authorities say that the most probable cause is an engine
failure after take off (how a single engine failure can cause
such an accident is beyond me...). Another person on TV said
that, it could be a miscommunication between the pilots;
one trying to continue take off, and the other trying
an emergency landing at the same time (how can this happen;
they must have practiced an engine-out take off many times?)

According to news just aired on Japanese TV, it could be the
*No1* engine that failed causing the plane to swerve to the left.

Of course, the full flaps need to be explained, since the accident
took place in only a few seconds- probably too short for the pilot
to try to extend them.

There were NO interwiews with the pilots (the airline would not
want that probably).

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