Garuda DC-10 crash, Fukuoka

From:         "Mark A. Brown" <>
Date:         15 Jun 96 13:43:27 
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This will probably be old hat by the time I post because of the delay in my
feed from the mailing list server.

However, at 12:08 JST on 13th June, a Garuda DC-10 overran on landing at
Fukuoka airport, Kyushu, Japan. The aircraft came to a rest over 100 metres
from the end of the southwards-facing runway to the right of the centreline
broke into two around the wing area and burned. The fuselage came to rest
rotated to the left from the track it took when it left the runway. The last
I heard there were 3 fatalities.

>From the TV pictures and my sketchy understanding of a Japanese newsreader,
the aircraft had trouble with the number 2 (centre, tail) engine. There was
a hole visible on the right side of number 2 engine's duct. Whether this
indicates an uncontained failure I can only guess.

The engines were reported as General Electric CF6.

Similarities with Sioux City?