Re: Who's in Control

From:         Steve Johnson <>
Organization: Pacific Internet, Singapore
Date:         10 Jun 96 12:22:25 
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>From my experience,flying the SADDE 6 arrival,pilots generally dis-connect
from the auto-flight regime around about the time we leave SMO VOR heading

I speak as a long haul operator of a two man crew aircraft.

This of course varies from crew to crew. Factors such as weather,any
non-normal aeroplane conditions, physical well being eg.fatigue, cockpit
workload etc.would all contribute to the descision of when to hand fly.

Our operations require that the aeroplane must successfully demonstrate a
full autoland within every 28 days and as such we might need to let the
autopilot have all the fun if the 28th day approaches.

I'm sure that we would all like to hand fly as early in the descent as
possible but in the interest of the safest operation this is not always
the wisest action to take.