DC10/MD11 engine #2 redundant?

From:         Thomas Enblom <@eos.ericsson.se@erinews.ericsson.se>
Organization: Ericsson Telecom AB
Date:         10 Jun 96 12:22:24 
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I have a question regarding the tail engine of a DC10/MD11.

I've heard a rumour that the tail engine (#2) is mainly used during
takeoff in order for the aircraft to take a larger payload
at takeoff compared to a two engined widebody. En route #2 is
throttled back to a minimum level leaving #1 and #3 running at
full throttle. #2 was also supposed to point in an angle slightly more
towards the ground in order to support takeoff with large payloads.

If the above is true is the L1011 also utilized in the same manner?


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