Re: Who's in Control

From:         Chris Dahler <>
Organization: Italia Online
Date:         10 Jun 96 12:22:21 
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gary quart wrote:
> A question on flight and control.  I work right under the path of the
> approach to LAX, ya know where you turn left at Santa Monica, heading
> of 070 maintain 2500, etc, etc.
> Right over the station where I work you guys get a turn to 160 and then
> a turn to 230 to intercept 24 right, and then the your 9 miles from
> Roman advisory.
> At this stage of the approach are YOU flying or are you setting the
> heading bug and having the jet fly itself?

Could be either.  Where to click off the autopilot is largely a function
of pilot preference unless a specific approach (such as a Cat II or III
approach) requires the autopilot to be used throughout.  Generally, by
the time I am at the point you are describing, I've got the AP off and am
hand flying it.  Others might wait longer, others might have it off long