Re: Flying Boats

From: (A. E. Siegman)
Organization: Stanford University
Date:         10 Jun 96 12:22:20 
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>  Back in the late 1980's, there was a group of folks around the
>  Oakland CA area that had a Short Soylent flying boat.  Air Classics
>  Magazine ran a story on it, complete with some nice pictures.

   If this is the one that I took a tour through two or three years
   ago at the Oakland Airport, parked adjacent to a small building
   with a lot of memorabilia in it and a guy trying to raise funds
   to put it back in service, then the last time I was up there,
   maybe a year ago, it had been moved across the street, off the
   flight line and into the yard of a funky little amateur aviation
   museum they have up there, and sadly appeard to be in pretty
   ratty shape and no longer cared for.