Re: N-version software compared to others

From:         Pete Mellor <>
Date:         10 Jun 96 12:22:19 
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A small correction to Archibald McKinlay's <> interesting
summary of N-version programming (Sun Jun  2 00:50:31 1996):-

> The following is based uon my understanding of software reliability from
> M. Lyu, JPL, and B. Littlewood, U upon Tyne, Center for Sw Reliability.

Bev Littlewood is director of CSR, City University, London. We do have
a very close working relationship with Profs. Tom Anderson and Brian
Randell of the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, who are both heavily
into software fault tolerance, except that their favoured method is called
the "recovery block scheme", rather than "N-version".

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