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From: (Darren Rhodes)
Organization: Loughborough University of Technology
Date:         10 Jun 96 12:22:19 
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On 29 Feb 96 02:04:15 , (Brad Gillies) wrote:

>In article <airliners.1996.297@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Laurent Pouvreau <> wrote:
>>Does anyone know or has info about Boeings' joined wings aiplane?

I believe you mean a configuration where the front wings are swept
back and a rear set of wings are swept forward, the two sets joining
at the tip to give the additional strength.

This configuration has been discussed for the New Large Aircraft (NLA)
in order to reduce the span of the aircraft to accomodate it at
current airport gates.

We did some research here a few years ago and found the concept did
have advantages over a conventional monoplane arrangement. In order to
balance the aircraft, the front wing must be placed further forward
than for a conventional wing. The main difficulty is finding a landing
gear concept that will work with the wing placed so far forwards.

The joined wing and other alternative configurations studied by
Lockheed are summarised in the following paper:

"Review of Unconventional Aircraft Design Concepts", Roy H. Lange,
Vol. 25, No. 5, Journal of Aircraft, May 1988.

Personally I think multi-body aircraft offer a significant cost
advantage over conventional designs, but they don't reduce the span,
which is the main concern for the NLA.