Re: Jet Engines above the wing: why not used?

From: (Filip De Vos)
Organization: University of Ghent, Belgium
Date:         10 Jun 96 12:22:18 
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Armand Seguin ( wrote:

: I saw the posts regarding engines mounted above the wings and ran across a
: current picture in "Cycle World" magazine of just such a plane.  The photo was
: from a race in Dakar in Africa.  The two jet engines are clearly mounted above
: the wings and close to the fuselage.  The plane has a T-tail.  I'm wondering

You don't say whether the plane has the wing above the fuselage, but from
your description it sounds like the Antonov An-72

: if it is the VFW614? or?  I was so curious that I cut out the picture, which

The VFW614 does not have a T-tail.

: mainly shows spare parts for motorcycles, but does clearly show the twin jet
: with engines above the wing.

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