Re: Jet Engines above the wing: why not used?

From:         Dave Hill <>
Organization: Myorganisation
Date:         10 Jun 96 12:22:18 
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There are some obscure advantages also. A VFW 614 was used for research
into boundary layer suction on engine nacelles. The extent of
the laminar flow was measured from the temperature of the
nacelle. Because this was above the wing, you could monitor the
temperature very simply using an infra-red camera from the
nearest cabin window...

Also, at least one major airframe manufacturer had a proposal
fro a six-engined derivative of a current four-engine long range
airliner. Lacking sufficient space below the wing, the extra
engines were to be mounted on pylons above (and behind) the wing.
I think this also helped the twisting moment on the wing. It
looked wierd, and required reengineering the engine interface to
mount it 'upside down'.


Dave Hill