Re: UAL 747?

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Date:         10 Jun 96 12:22:18 
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>Re-registering the aircraft did not strike me as being unusual.  There
>were so many photographs taken of the aircraft that United probably
>changed the tail number so people who saw the same aircraft in service
>(and happened to remember which a/c it was) would think they were on a
>different aircraft.  It sounds like PR to me...

Most members of the public can't even figure out which *type* of
aircraft they're on, never mind remembering registrations -- if they
even knew how to tell.  Lots of other planes have become notorious
for one reason or another, but the only other one that resulted in a
registration change that I'm aware of was a TWA 707.  I don't recall
exactly the story behind that one, but it was changed twice, because
the pilots found out about the first change.

It does sound like PR, but it's pretty unusual just the same.

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