Re: Snow on wings

From:         gsmoff@Mcs.Net (Gary S. Moffitt)
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Date:         02 Jun 96 23:01:51 
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In article <airliners.1996.682@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (W.
Hodgins) wrote:

> Some time ago I was a passenger on a DC-9 flight out of Toronto in
> January as I recall. Looking out the window, I noticed a fair amount
> of snow on the was not removed and the aircraft took off
> with snow blowing off the wings as speed increased.
> I used to fly light aircraft in the early 70's and if I recall
> correctly we were supposed to ensure that nothing, not even frost,
> should be allowed to accumulate on the wings.
> What is the criteria for large an accumulation of light snow
> normally acceptable ?

According to FARs no aircraft is supposed to be allowed to take off with
snow or ice adhering to the wings, the size of the aircraft makes no

Gary S. Moffitt