Re: Snow on wings

From: (Jim Cameron)
Organization: NWT air
Date:         02 Jun 96 23:01:50 
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  or MIME structure (W. Hodgins) wrote:

>Some time ago I was a passenger on a DC-9 flight out of Toronto in
>January as I recall. Looking out the window, I noticed a fair amount
>of snow on the was not removed and the aircraft took off
>with snow blowing off the wings as speed increased.

It is not the dry fluffy snow which causes problems. It is the wet
sticky snow or snow that has melted on warm aircraft wing and refrozen
that destroys lift.
Transport Canada makes every Canadian airline maintain a deicing
manual. This manual spells out exactly when to deice and the ammount
of time allowed from deicing until takeoff.

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NWT air
Yellowknife, NWT