Re: Specific Info Wanted

From:         "Paul K." <>
Organization: FirstNet
Date:         02 Jun 96 16:23:49 
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I had the unfortunate experience of having been bumped by TWA at ATL (to
MLI via STL) and given a voucher for ValuJet to get to MDW.  It was 27
May 1994, and this was the first week of ValuJet's ATL-MDW service.
Well, once boarded, we had to deplane, and wait for 1 hour, as some
mechanics removed ceiling panels from the cabin interior.  There was a
thin haze (humidity?) throughout the cabin, and a faint "electrical"
smell.  I applaud the airline for at least sending people up to check on
the aircraft, that is not my greatest concern.  However, I failed to
note the aircraft registration, and I'm curious (or blind) as I haven't
seen a itemized specific-incident of the 7 or so "call-backs" N904VJ
experienced.  If anyone could give me dates and locations of each of the
7 "call-backs" (and their circumstances)  I'd be most appreciative.