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>It has surprised a lot of readers in the various aviation newsgroups
>that the B757 on charter flights from the UK are configured for 235

Boeing literature shows a maximum of 231 seats for the 757-200, with
28-/29-/30-inch seat pitch, but Britannia is indeed listed as packing
235 seats into a 757-200.  The Boeing count is with the four main
doors per side; with three main doors and two overwing exits per side,
and omitting the "window" seats at one exit row, you'd end up with the
235 count.  Pretty brutal if you ask me!

>Are BY alone in this sardine tin config? is it commom elsewhere?

I'm sure there are other examples, but they're not common.  I figured
the Birgenair 757 which crashed earlier this year would be a likely
candidate, but it only had 216 seats.  The Chinese ones seemed like a
sure bet, but they all have a mere 200 seats -- including either 8 or
12 spend on the decadent indulgence of a first class section, much to
my surprise!  Condor (a German charter operated) has either 207 or 210
on their 757s.  Canada 3000 came close, with 233 seats on one of their
757s.  (The others have only 228.)

The only other examples of such sardine configurations were all in the
UK -- Monarch also has them with 235 seats, while Air 200, Airtours
International, and Caledonian (leased from British Airways) all have
757s with 233 seats.  The Brits must be real gluttons for punishment!

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