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>Can anyone shed any light on the history of the 747-SP that is now registered
>VR-BAT?  I saw it at the BA maintainance base at LHR last week.  It appeared
>now to be some type of Middle-Eastern (Omani?) royal transport.

I couldn't find any 747 with that registration.  That could either
mean it's newer than my references or you copied the registration
wrong.  The VR prefix is for British Colonies, and VR-B is Bermuda.
Possible, but V8- (Brunei) seems more likely.  The only 747 I could
find in Brunei is V8-AL1 (or V8-ALI, my references are inconsistent),
a 747-430 delivered to Lufthansa in 1992 and sold to the Government
of Brunei the same day.  They also have an A340-211 (V8-BJH) for VIP
flights, so why not a 747SP as well?  (Omani registrations are A40-xx
which seems an unlikey one to confuse as VR-BAT.)

>Also, at LHR I saw a 757 with out titles carrying a VR- regn.  (I think
>VR-CAU, but can't be sure...the T4-T1 shuttle was going too fast!)  Any ideas
>as to what this aircraft's story is?

VR-C is the Cayman Islands.  The only 757 registered there is indeed
VR-CAU, a 757-2J4 (sn 25220, ln 387) which wore N35108 during testing
before being delivered to Sterling Airways as OY-SHB on September 25,
1991.  It was reposessed two years later and stored at Copenhagen for
ten months before being leased by Diamond Aviation International of
the Cayman Islands on July 5, 1994.  They apparently use it as an
executive aircraft.

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