Last flight of Comet 4 - NO

From: (Andrew Cameron)
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Date:         02 Jun 96 16:20:12 
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Earlier I wrote:

"Comet 4C XS235 of A&AEE Boscombe Down was due to take part in the
Heathrow flypast today, but has made an emergency landing at Filton
(Bristol) with a cockpit fire this morning - source is BBC CEEFAX.

"The aircraft is believed low in hours (7500 hrs to 1989) but was a
candidate for retiral.

"Was this the last flight of a Comet? (excluding the Nimrod

I was too quick. The Comet was reported on the ground for 3 hours at
Filton, but took-off and has been to Stansted and overflew LHR as
planned on live TV, with video link from the cockpit. The supporting
television coverage included a pre-recorded pilot interview; it now
has 8000 hours and is for disposal at the end of this year.

Sorry about being rather quick with the first report. The original
CEEFAX was more graphic - described smoke coming from the cockpit -
but there was no idication of any smoke damage on the broadcast.