Re: Status of Maine 1649 Connies?

From: (Louis A. Ramsay )
Organization: Netcom
Date:         01 Jun 96 16:32:36 
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In <airliners.1996.828@ohare.Chicago.COM> (John
Liebson) writes:
> (Louis A. Ramsay ) wrote:
> >     The Maine "Connies" are not Connies to start with.  They look
>>similar, but the are L1649 Starliners.
>That's a rather strange statement: The L1649 is a lengthened  Super
>Connie fuselage with a new wing, and is most assuredly a
>Constellation. The name "Starliner" is nothing but a marketing ploy;
>the aircraft themselves are Constellations under a different name.

     I didn't mean to infer there was a basic difference between
Connies and Starliners - it was just that the L1649's were never known
as Connies.

     As far as their being a "flop", Alaska Airlines flew them into the
middle '60's and didn't consider them to be "flops".  The two at
Auburn-Lewiston Airport were workhorses and hauled everything from
passengers in Alaska to cargo destined for Southeast Asia to fuel oil
for the Radar sites in Alaska.  And they did this into and out of some
of the worst airports in Alaska.

     If it seems like I am defending the 1649's, that's because I am.