Re: What happened to the BAe146?

From: (michael piersdorff)
Organization: The Communications Research Centre
Date:         01 Jun 96 16:27:12 
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  or MIME structure (Mary Shafer) wrote:

>I flew in a BAe 146 about 16 months ago, on a United Express flight.
>I though it ws very comfortable, but many of my fellow passengers
>didn't.  Of course, I'm 5'3" and mose of them were just a bit taller,
>which may have explained the difference.

>I thought it was a very nice plane.

I flew Air Nova BAe146s a few times from Montreal to Halifax and
return.  It is the only airliner I have ever been on for which the
cabin crew had to apologize twice during the trip:

On take-off, the flight attendant apologized for the noise made when
the flaps retracted (and in advance, for the noise they would make
when they were once again extended for landing).

And as we descended for landing, FA once again apologized as the
pressurisation system filled the cabin with fog.

Aside from those two difficulties, I found the seats cramped for
leg-room, with metal springs (they hold closed the little pouch on the
back of the seat in front of you that contains the in-flight magazine,
barf-bag, etc.) that dug into my knees, and tray table supports too
narrow to fit even one leg under comfortably.  And the seat cushion
felt like a sack of boulders.  Needless to say, I was not impressed
with the airplane, although the seat problems are mor attibutable to
the airline than the airplane.