Re: An unscientific survey (Airbus vs Boeing) [Long]

From: (Bradg Gillies)
Organization: Internex Online, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (416 363 3783)
Date:         22 Jan 96 04:40:38 
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I work on both Boeings and Airbusses on a regulsar basis.  The Airbus, forthe
most part is easier to work on than the Boeing.  Boeing haas a way of making
the aircraft unfriendly to the Mechanics.  I hope this has changed with the
777.  I still prefer the philosophy of Boeing over Airbus, Give the pilot the
final say.  I like computers and automation of some of the systems on the
aircraft but I also like the pilot to overide the automated systems as well.
Example: Airbus A320 has to make an emergency go around to avoid collision on
runway.  THe pilot pushes the throttles to the stops and the computer
determines the amount of thrust developed (required).  The computer cannot see
the situation and keeps all parameters within SAFE limits.  This does not
always result in the desired ooutcome.
Boeing aircraft same scenario.  Pilot overides computer pushes throttles to
the stops. Engine develops 115% power. The plane THerefore evades the problem
faster and sacrifices the engines to save the plane.  Don't get me wrong the
engines will work just fine at that power setting for a few minutes and will
get them home.
That is jus one way I think boeing has done beter over Airbus.  Let the pilot
have the final say.

Just one mans opinion.

If it aint a Boing I aint Going.