Re: What happened to the BA146?

Date:         01 Jun 96 16:27:12 
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In article <airliners.1996.799@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Darren Rhodes) writes:

>As to why they chose that engine in the first place. Back in 1978-1983 when
>the program started, there were no modern engines in the class required. The
>Tay did not enter service until 1988 and the JT8D was older technology and on
>the large size (thrust wise). The second major reason was that they got the
>engine cheap. The LF502 was a new engine needing sales to get it established.

The 146 story goes back a lot further than that.
The original De Havilland DH146 was a military transport project, kind
of a 'jet Hercules' in the early 1960s. As the Hawker Siddeley HS146, it
was cancelled along with the TSR2 and others by the UK government in

When BAe decided to build a civil version some ten years later, they left
the design pretty much the way it was (4-engine high-wing etc.) to keep
development costs down. This may explain some of the debatable features
of the configuration which was 'inherited' rather than chosen.

I do not recall what the original engines were to be, but obviously not
the Avcos. Perhaps derated Speys or a Viper development ?

Brian Maddison