Re: What happened to the BA146?

From:         Niccolai Murphy <>
Organization: Aerostructures Inc
Date:         01 Jun 96 16:27:11 
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RD Rick wrote:
>The primary requirement for design of an airplane is availability of a
>suitable powerplant.  The second is where to stow the landing gear.
>The rest of the plane is wrapped around those two decisions.

Perhaps this was the problem. Generally one would start with a
requirement (range, capacity, etc), and this was done with the 146. From
what I recall - it would have been better to be a twin, but they were
forced to a four engine configuration because the engines available were
either too large or too small.

The 146 wasn't enough of a driver to push for an engine of the optimum
size. I might be wrong but this is what us stress weenies were told back