Re: What happened to the BA146?

From: (Tim Takahashi)
Organization: University of Rochester, School of Engineering
Date:         01 Jun 96 16:27:11 
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Robert J. Carpenter <> wrote:
>Tim Long ( wrote:

>> I seem to remember around 1982 or so, PSA (later merged into USAir)
>> started flying the BA146.

>In the US, few routes
>require the short field performance of the 146..... There arent many
>airports in developed countries that have substantial passenger traffic
>and very short runways

>  Similarly, you don't see many Dash-7s since their short-field
>performance isn't an issue most places, while the four engines must be
>maintained.  It's interesting to see a Dash-7 land at DCA.  They seem to
>regally float in and stop a few plane lengths after touching down.  Then
>the longish taxi to the USAir terminal.

STOL seems to have petered out. I always thought that the DASH-7
was an interesting looking airplane (never have had a ride) but
doesnt seem to have sold in the way that ATRs and DASH-8 have.

What was the rationale? I've heard bits about being able
to use taxi-ways at major airports, but have never seen
such operations. Given the short take of run of a non-STOL
commuter plane, like a BaE Jetstream 31, a DASH-7 must
be amazing.

It seems that most of the major airports have installed
runway extensions and the like to handle modern jets.
Presumeably, 737-500s and F100s dont have the take-off
run of a DC-8-61 either. Does anybody know the reason
why STOL died?