Re: 737-200 water bomber!

From: (AirBearZln)
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Date:         27 May 96 13:35:39 
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Of all the currently proposed "pure jet" airframes available the 737 is
probably the best suited to the H2O role.  HOWEVER as with any aviation
enterprise, cost, both original and operation, is the real crux.  Current
practice limits capacity to about 3000 gals, many 3000 gal tankers are
used on 2800 gal, or even 2400 gal contracts.  I cant imagine that
acquisition cost of a 373 would ever be so low as to compete with
essentially free C-130's. How much water do you propose to carry?  Also,
will the 737 accomodate the long, tall, skinny tank required to get the
proper drop pattern?  Lotsa work done on this by USFS at San Dimas, CA
 and MSO.  I'd be interested in consulting on the Project!  30 yrs
experience in USFS Aviation., .