Re: An unscientific survey (Airbus vs Boeing) [Long]

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Date:         22 Jan 96 04:40:38 
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In article <airliners.1996.19@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
>All I can say is, Boeing has been building airliners since 1956.
>is a committee (at best).

Boeing has been building planes a lot longer than that.  If you are
referring to Jetliner's, the 707 went into service in 1958.  I do agree
with you when you say that Boeing is good when it comes to customer
service.  Anybody remember the special 707's that were built for
Qantas?  How about the 747sp.  Talk about building a custom plane.

Although I am a boeing fan, I think that the best looking (sexiest?)
jetliner ever build was the Douglas DC8-63.  In the air, or on the
ground, that was one nice a/c.