Re: Status of Maine 1649 Connies?

From: (John Liebson)
Organization: ISFSI
Date:         27 May 96 13:35:39 
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  or MIME structure (Louis A. Ramsay ) wrote:

 >     The Maine "Connies" are not Connies to start with.  They look
>similar, but the are L1649 Starliners.

That's a rather strange statement: The L1649 is a lengthened  Super
Connie fuselage with a new wing, and is most assuredly a
Constellation. The name "Starliner" is nothing but a marketing ploy;
the aircraft themselves are Constellations under a different name.

TWA named the L1649 "Jetstream," which caused quite a controversy:
Lockheed had planned for the aircraft to be a turboprop, but could not
come up with a satisfactory engine and propeller combination in time
to meet TWA's delivery schedule. The other airlines claimed that the
name "Jetsteam" made it appear that the aircraft was jet-powered;
Lockheed stayed out of the mess by using the appelation "Starliner."

Howard Hughes' engineering aide, Bob Runnel, once said, "Economically,
the last Constellation was a flop" in talking about the Starliner.
(Solberg, _Conquest of the Skies_, page 356.)