Re: Mothballed Airliners and other aircraft

From: (Larry Stone)
Organization: InterServe Communications, Inc.
Date:         27 May 96 13:35:37 
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In article <airliners.1996.811@ohare.Chicago.COM>, David Lednicer
<> wrote:

>        Mojave is an active airport, so don't count on getting out to
>the stored airliners.  From the road, you can see 747s, L-1011s, etc.
>If you ignore the signs and drive into the industrial area by Scaled
>Composites, there is a Convair 990 and a L-1011 pulled right up to the
>fence.  Don't go past the fence without permission!  Not only will you
>get caught, it is dangerous, as there are deadly rattlesnakes out there!

I was at Mojave late last year and for $10, the fuel truck driver would
give you a tour around the storage areas. We flew in in a private plane so
I don't know if this is open to drive-up customers.

Perhaps most interesting was an ex-America West 747 that had been stripped
and up on blocks when a windstorm sent it on a final flight. Only a few
feet but enough to take it off the blocks and send it crashing to the
ground. Sad really.

Also, many of the ex-PSA Bae146's were there and showing signs of fuel
corrosion under the wings.

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