Re: Engine shutdown on an A340

From:         Tony Maddern <>
Organization: University of New South Wales
Date:         27 May 96 13:35:37 
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> > >> Actually the Aural warning for an engine fire and other things are inhibited during the T/O phase of flight.
> I don't know which airplane you're talking about but I have never seen an airplane that ever inhibits fire warning.
> If door warning lights aren't inhibited (I can't remember how many
> aborted takeoffs for door warnings I've seen) then fire warning surely won't be.

On the B747-400 the fire warning aural is inhibited between V1 and 400
feet. The visual message "Fire Eng 1 (2,3,4)" is still displayed on
EICAS regardless of flight phase. Most other warnings, including door
warnings, are inhibited between 80 knots and 800 feet. The idea being
that it is more important to concentrate on flying the aircraft down
low than deal with the fire. For other malfunctions a rejected
take-off above 80 knots has been found to be more hazardous than the
malfunction due blown tyres, brake fires, runway excursions and other
unfortunate happenings.

The A320/330/340 are very similar to the -400 but I forget the actual
inhibit parameters. I don't know about the MD-11 and B777 and other
glass cockpit aircraft.

Tony Maddern (ex B747-400 driver)