Re: Engine shutdown on an A340

From: (Jos Gielen)
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Date:         27 May 96 13:35:37 
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>> >> Actually the Aural warning for an engine fire and other things are inhibited
>> >> during the T/O phase of flight.

>I don't know which airplane you're talking about but I have never seen
>an airplane that ever inhibits fire warning.

Lots of warning are inhibited on modern transports.
E.g. The Fire Warning bell and Master Warning are inhibited on many
aircraft during Take-off, from V1 to e.g. 400ft. (you might see an
alert displayed on the EAD though, but that doesn't generally attract
attention during a take-off)
Other warnings (like door warnings) are inhibited during a far greater
bracket. The same goes for the landing phase.
On the MD-11 for instance ALL alerts are inhibited between V1 and
400ft in take-off. Only LEVEL 3 alerts (the most serious) are
displayed on the EAD, but they don't generate audio or visual warning
during this bracket. No procedure requires you to do anything during
this period, except to fly the aircraft and raise the gear.

Take-Off inhibits especially reduce the number of (unjustly) aborted
take-off's and therfore enhance safety significantly.
Love this system!!!


Jos Gielen

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